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Katrina Costello

Irish based film camerawoman, director and producer, specializing in immersive cultural and natural history creative documentaries. Katrina has a host of International Awards and festival wins

While the gentle, enveloping images of Katrina’s film slow the heart beat, the poetry and urgency of the narrative reminds us that some struggles are so continual, so universal, that they are not chosen by us but are a matter of the very meaning of our lives.

Silver Branch Films

This film will take you on a hypnotic journey to a place within you that you had long forgotten about.

The Silver Branch

Winner Hot Docs: Audience Award

A meditative, deeply contemplative tone poem that extols not only the beauty of natural landscapes, but their life- and soul-enhancing nourishments.

The Silver Branch

 Winner American Cinematographer Award

Captures the raw and complicated beauty of the Burren using intimate natural history photography and the spontaneous insights of a cast of local contributors.

The Burren Heart of Stone

 RTÉ Film review

A breath-taking cinematic essay on Ireland’s natural beauty. Ireland has rarely been captured onscreen with such striking artistry.

The Burren Heart of Stone

Sunday Independent

The strength and tenderness of this extraordinary work of art, vast in scope, depth of song, and love of the web of life.  Such Beauty

The Silver Branch

Wild and Scenic Film festival


Costello’s passion for the area is evident in her portrayal of the raw and complicated beauty of the Burren along with insights from a cast of local contributors.

The Burren Heart of Stone

The Irish Journal

A sustainable fairy-tale, that bridges a past era to current issues, in an unconventionally poetic form that is also visually mesmerising. The powerful images are a true ode to nature 

The Silver Branch

Wild and Scenic Film festival

This film is both a lyrical portrayal of a place and an individual’s philosophical take on life. It moved us by its nuanced and layered narratives, visual poetry, and its consistent and creative vision.”

The Silver Branch

Banff Film Festival: Best Cultural Film

Absorbing, brilliant film that should be honoured for delving delicately and drinking deep at the well of one man’s story, one family’s joy and heartbreak.

The Silver Branch

RTÉ Film review

Magical … a unique and an important cinematic gift.

The Silver Branch


An immersive experience – sublime imagery and poetic narration.

The Silver Branch

Irish Film Review  

John Brown

UK based natural history Director of Photography specializing in high quality landmark natural history production. I have worked for a variety of clients including the BBC Natural History Unit, The Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Silver Branch Films, Silverback Films and Terra Mater. 


 ‘Life in the Undergrowth’, ‘Frozen Planet’, ‘Planet Earth’, ‘Planet Earth II’, ‘Life Story’, ‘Dynasties’ and ‘Seven Worlds, One Planet’. I have also filmed and directed six films for BBC2’s Natural World strand.

Silver Branch Films

Winner for Cinematography ‘The Sonoran Desert: A Violent Eden’

Winner for cinematography for Frozen Planet (camera team) 2012

Winner for Cinematography for One Life, 2014

Winner for cinematography for Planet Earth II, 2017

EMMY Awards

Winner Best Factual Series for Planet Earth II, 2017

Nominated for Cinematography for ‘Andes to Amazon’

Nominated for Cinematography Life Story’ BBC 2015, Planet Earth II, 2017


Nominated for Cinematography for ‘Andes to Amazon’, BBC, 2002

Best Cinematography for Empire of the Desert Ants, 2012

Best Wildlife Programme for Madagascar, 2012

Royal Television Society

Winner of TV ‘best series’ award for ‘Europe, A Natural History’, BBC, 2006

 Nominated for ‘Best Animal Behaviour’ for Empire of the Desert Ants, 2012

Nominated for ‘Best Cinematography’ & ‘Best Series’ for Life Story, 2016

Jury’s award, Dynasty: Chimpanzee, 2020

Wildscreen ‘Panda’ award

Winner for Cinematography for ‘Andes to Amazon’, BBC, 2003

Winner for Cinematography, Frozen Planet, BBC, 2013

Winner, Best Series, Life Story, 2015

Jackson Hole Festival

 Winner of Best Conservation Film, Best Conservation Message 

Merit Award for Cinematography for ‘Madagascar, Lemurs & Spies’ BBC Natural World, 2012

Missoula 35th International Wildlife Film Festival

Finalist in 1994, 2001, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2012, 2013 & 2014, 2021 with over 30 images reaching the final stages of judging.

BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year