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Katrina Costello

Irish based film camerawoman, director and producer, specializing in immersive cultural and natural history creative documentaries. Katrina has a host of International Awards and festival wins

While the gentle, enveloping images of Katrina’s film slow the heart beat, the poetry and urgency of the narrative reminds us that some struggles are so continual, so universal, that they are not chosen by us but are a matter of the very meaning of our lives.

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John Brown

UK based natural history Director of Photography specializing in high quality landmark natural history production. I have worked for a variety of clients including the BBC Natural History Unit, The Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Silver Branch Films, Silverback Films and Terra Mater. 


 ‘Life in the Undergrowth’, ‘Frozen Planet’, ‘Planet Earth’, ‘Planet Earth II’, ‘Life Story’, ‘Dynasties’ and ‘Seven Worlds, One Planet’. I have also filmed and directed six films for BBC2’s Natural World strand.

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