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About Silver Branch Films

Silver Branch Films is an internationally renowned film and documentary production company, founded by multi-award winning director Katrina Costello. Born out of our desire to create immersive film and documentary content that connects people with nature, landscape and the fascinating narrative of our human culture. Our stories are told with passion and authenticity, by the people who live it, weaving spell binding visuals that engage and inspire, combining epic and intimate natural history imagery, captivating landscapes, and with a refined and sensitive recreation of our human narrative.

In Irish mythology, a Silver Branch was used as a passport to gain access to the ‘Otherworld’ and ‘Silver Branch perception’ is a return from there to perceiving this world as if for the first time, with new eyes. Our films can be used in the same way: to create stories and experiences that explore the extraordinary in the ordinary and provide a unique and fresh perspective in seeing the world.

John Brown and Katrina have being working together since 2011 and have won multiple international awards in the industry.

The Silver Branch Films


Our films are life- and soul-enhancing nourishments that will take you on a hypnotic journey to a place within you that you had long forgotten about.. finding the universal in the local with a sure-footedness that is most unusual


Brilliantly layered and executed documentary film making, that explore our relationship with the landscape and the forces that threaten a fragile equilibrium, with a deep breath of fresh country air that everybody needs to take in.


Painterly compositions, exquisite rendering of natural light and tremendously artful approach transform our films into meditative, deeply contemplative tone poems that extol the beauty of natural landscapes.